Custom Software Development

What do we do?

Your dream software becomes reality!

Our company is a specialist in custom software development, helping you realize your software ideas just as you imagined it, perfectly fitting your business processes and needs.

Our experienced team provides assistance in small, medium, and large-scale software development, whether it's web applications, mobile applications, or custom programs.

We understand that understanding business processes and the quality of software are crucial. Therefore, we are committed to providing reliable and efficient solutions delivered on time and cost-effectively.


Software development process

  1. 1. Needs Assessment and Consultation
    Choose us if you're looking for custom web application development! In the first step, we discuss your needs and ideas. We explore the business processes that your envisioned application needs to cover and discuss the types of users you intend to target. Additionally, we review the external systems the new application needs to integrate with and how.
  1. 2. Proposal and Agreement
    Based on the needs assessment, we prepare a detailed quote, including a brief description of the application, proposed architecture, and a general overview of functionality and data content. As part of the technical proposal, we provide the planned development schedule and project start date. In the commercial section, we address the price and delivery deadline of the application.
  1. 3. Design and System Planning
    Based on the accepted proposal, we develop the system plan for the custom application. This includes a detailed description of the application's functionality, data specifications, definition of connections to external systems, and description of the authorization and logging system. We hand over the completed documentation for acceptance and make modifications if necessary.
  1. 4. Development
    After the system plan is accepted, we begin development of the application. Our goal is to implement simple and transparent solutions, as well as to use standard software tools and solutions. We employ agile methodology, in which we develop the details of the planning process during implementation.
  1. 5. Testing and Bug Fixing
    The purpose of testing is to ensure that the application meets the specifications of the system plan. We continuously fix any bugs found during testing. Testing is considered complete when all bugs have been fixed.
  1. 6. User Training
    We provide comprehensive training for your users on how to use the application.
  1. 7. Delivery and Operation
    After successful testing, we hand over the application and, if necessary, set up the live environment.
  1. 8. Support and Maintenance
    We provide a 12-month quality guarantee following the launch and offer support and further development as needed.

How we develop,

Agile methodology

Our company aligns with the latest industry trends and best practices by applying agile development methodologies. Our goal is to deliver usable products as quickly as possible through rapid iteration processes. By working with the SCRUM framework, we can flexibly adapt to the dynamically changing needs of our clients.

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and it's crucial that the solutions we deliver truly represent value to them. Accordingly, in every phase of development, we strive to provide exactly the product that offers the most value to you.


What technologies do we use in software development?